Welcome to Senate Seeker! Here, you actually create a candidate and run for Senate. You can then run ads to either strengthen yourself or to attack your opponent, you can give speeches about various issues, you can sell out to interest groups, you can fundraise to get money, you can prepare for the debates, and you can visit actual schools.

Every 30 minutes, the game will update, and you'll you be able to keep track of your poll results. Elections are held every week on Thursday at 9:00 PM EDT, so good luck winning! (Note: to increase the pace of the game, all 100 seats are up for reelection every week. It's not realistic, but it's better that way.) After every election, all accounts are essentially reset (in terms of turns, money, etc.), so you can still compete, even if you enter the game after everyone else.

If you do win, you'll be a member of the Senate. There are four new bills to be voted on daily, and you can also propose bills yourself. So have fun!

Site News

Information for this Reset 8/2/2007 at 4:45:16 PM
The game is about to start back up, so I should announce that there are no major changes for this reset. The main reason for it was to hopefully improve database performance, and I am confident that this reset will function more smoothly behind the scenes than the previous one.

However, one thing that we are introducing with this reset is a timeline. You'll notice that the bottom-left of the screen says "January 2006," which is when the game starts. For the purpose of legislation, presidency, and so on, this timeline will be used to give people a sense of what is going on.

Senate elections and Governor elections are still weekly, although Governor elections will change at some point in the future. But we're just not ready to roll out the Governor changes yet.

Anyway, have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but in the essentials this reset will be like the last one.
Post by Sasha Discuss

Reset 3 to begin on Thursday, August 2 7/29/2007 at 4:11:00 PM
All accounts have been cleared, and you may recreate accounts now in preparation for the reset.

All previous account restrictions are still in place. Also, unusual events may occur between now and Thursday.
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Reset is coming up 7/12/2007 at 7:43:36 PM
There are some pretty serious database issues that can only be fixed with a reset. Also, this "age" has been going on for a while anyway, so a reset makes sense.

With the next reset, we will have a strict calendar system. We will reset to January 1, 2006, and out of fairness President Eleden will be able to serve out the rest of his term.

The reset is currently scheduled to take place on July 23.

EDIT: As usually happens when I set a date, this date is getting pushed back. The reset will happen next week.
Post by Sasha Discuss

Lobby changes, voting changes 4/29/2007 at 9:25:03 AM
At the end of this week, lobbies will be reset. They will also be downsized, and replaced with a very different set of interest groups. And unlike the current system, there will be no reason to "sign up" for these new lobbies. Rather, they will all evaluate you at all times.

Also, there are sharp voting changes. The game will keep track of how many votes you miss ("present" counts as missing a vote.) If you start missing a lot of votes, you can expect your polling to suffer.
Post by Sasha Discuss

New features coming with this presidential election 3/22/2007 at 9:33:47 PM
With this election, we are introducing new features related to the presidency.

When candidates enter the general election, they will choose five issues to focus on. (To view what these two particular candidates chose, and their views on the issues, just go to the Presidential Race page.)

Whichever candidate wins will then have the task of implementing the policies he laid out. He will have three months to do it (the length of a term in Senate Seeker), and how successfully he implements it will affect his approval rating. Other things affect approval rating, such as executive orders and bill signings.

But the President's approval rating will not only affect himself in his quest for a second term. It will affect candidates up and down the ballot from the President's party, so everyone has an investment in the race.

Hopefully, these new features related to approval will work out well.
Post by Sasha Discuss

Changes starting next week 1/7/2007 at 6:07:57 PM
The questions asked on signup have been changed to be more relevant and topical.

Since these starting questions are very important in determining the statewide appeal of a candidate, all candidates will automatically have to re-answer them before doing any campaigning next week.

Also, this means that, starting next week, the issues for ads and speeches will change. Hopefully, this makes the game better.
Post by Sasha Discuss

Game will come back up tonight at around 9PM EST 11/17/2006 at 1:26:35 PM
At that time, all candidates will be wiped. You can register for races, or "reactivate" any old accounts, (even those that you dropped out earlier) but they will have a clean slate.

The elections will proceed as normal every Thursday at 9PM.

The ad system will be changed, and the account limits will remain the same (for now.) We reserve the right to cut down on account limits if it seems necessary.

Good luck to everyone!
Post by Sasha Discuss

Reset delayed one week - to November 18th 11/9/2006 at 10:46:11 AM
The reset will happen then. The fundamental aspects (such as signing up for House/Senate races) will remain the same, although we will still try and reform the bill and committee systems to make them work well for the post-reset period.
Post by Sasha Discuss

Game to Reset on November 10 10/6/2006 at 7:41:27 PM
The date for the reset will be on November 10, 2006.

The reset will come with hopefully beneficial changes to the internal code, and a reform of all sorts of features, from voting records to legislation.

In the time right before this reset, there will be some "transition" beta testing, to ensure that everything is smooth on November 10. Also, there will be no more presidential races and such before the reset.
Post by Sasha Discuss

Improvements to debating for next election 7/27/2006 at 12:03:54 AM
Well, the debating system is finally going to be made more realistic for next week.

Right now, preparing for debate helps you in the polls, and actually debating is mainly for fun. This will change. Preparing for debate will no longer boost you in the polls; it will just make you more likely to win debates.

Debating will be changed. If you win a debate, you will get a fairly large boost in the polls depending on many complex factors. In order to prevent "debate spamming" this system is built in such a way that more than one win in any day cannot possibly help you; the rest of the wins won't affect polls.

Losing a debate does not hurt you directly (but it can obviously help your opponent.) Declining a debate, however, will hurt you in the polls, as will letting one sit for too long.

I hope these changes make the game more realistic. They will take effect right after the election.
Post by Sasha Discuss