November 2010
The Resurrection of SenateSeeker Nov 26, 2010Micheal D. Huckabee53 comments
June 2010
Justice for Our Children's Act Jun 1, 2010Pileup47 comments
May 2010
Peoples Relief Act of 2010 May 15, 2010Pileup24 comments
April 2010
The American Reconciliation Act of 2033 Apr 17, 2010Micheal D. Huckabee8 comments
Authorization for Investigation into Charges of Treason by Certain Former and Current Elected Officials Apr 9, 2010Roseanne Connor7 comments
March 2010
Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of High Officals For Treason Mar 16, 2010Roseanne Connor9 comments
Freedom Of Marriage Act Mar 11, 2010Reggie Rocka56 comments
Illegal Aliens Act Mar 10, 2010Wayne Allyn Root.#.121 comments
Senate Accession to the Rome Statue on the International Criminal Court Mar 5, 2010Roseanne Connor0 comments
Federal Grand Jury Reform Act Mar 1, 2010Roseanne Connor5 comments
February 2010
Helping Homeowners Act Feb 25, 2010Kristah Evans14 comments
Rocka-Tinsley Healthcare Restructuring Act Feb 18, 2010Reggie Rocka7 comments
Ben Knox For Associate Justice Of The Supreme Court Feb 18, 2010Reggie Rocka1 comments
William Burroughs for Associate Justice Feb 18, 2010Reggie Rocka1 comments
Colton Kingsley for Chief Justice Feb 18, 2010Reggie Rocka1 comments
Null Feb 17, 2010Kristah Evans2 comments
Resolution to expel Tony Carli from Congress Feb 17, 2010JayDub2 comments
Amnesty and Border Security Act Feb 8, 2010Nebula126 comments
January 2010
Immigration Act of 2010 Jan 25, 2010Pileup18 comments
Statehood Act of 2010 Jan 18, 2010Pileup22 comments
Reforming the SCOTUS Act Jan 18, 2010Pileup17 comments
Waterboarding Restrictions Jan 18, 2010Pileup11 comments
Wiretapping Restriction Act Jan 18, 2010Pileup7 comments
Foreign Aid Recalibration/Haiti Relief Bill Jan 15, 2010Nebula143 comments
December 2009
Allowing Representatives to run for President Dec 31, 2009Pileup14 comments
Congressional Leadership Dec 31, 2009Pileup2 comments
First Steps for Peace in Israel and Palestine Act Dec 21, 2009Nescafe17 comments
Clean Energy Bill Dec 21, 2009Pileup16 comments
Water Rights Act of 2009 Dec 12, 2009Pileup13 comments
President Holcomb's Budget Dec 11, 2009James B. Weaver19 comments
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