Bill Name: Funding to help the Republic of Peru recover from the 8.0 magnitude earthquake:

Section 1: NOTICING the incredible damage done to Peru, especially in the city of Pisac;

Section 2: RECOGNIZING that at least 510 people were killed and thousands wounded;

Section 3: RECOGNIZES that the United States allocated 2 billion US dollars in relief aid, none of which it is imcumbent upon the Peruvian government to repay;

Section 4: AFFIRMS its deepest condolences to the developing US ally;

Section 5: WHEREAS a seperate US commission will watch over funds and make sure they go directly to the people.

This Resolution shall be enacted upon favorable voting

Humbly Submitted

Representative George Allen (R-TX)

Senator Mike Huckabee (R-AR)

Rep. Acebrock (D-CA)
Sen. Paragon12321 (D-CT)
Sen. Paragon12322 (D-IL)
Rep. ParagonNJ (D-NJ)
Rep. ParagonCA (D-CA)
Rep. ParagonGA (D-GA)
Rep. Paragon FL (D-FL)
Sen. NebulaWorld (D-MT)
Sen. NebulaState (D-CT)
Rep. NebulaKY (D-KY)
Rep. NebulaIL (D-IL)
Rep. Nebula PA (D-PA)
Rep. NebulaNY (D-NY)
Sen. Juin (R-UT)
Sen. Alex (R-KS)
Rep. Anity (R-CO)
Bill Author: George Allen (R-TX)
Aye: 75
Nay: 5
Present: 20

Senators voting Aye:
Jeremiah Denton (R-AL)
Scott (R-AL)
Matthew Faustini A1 (R-AK)
Dr. UA (R-AZ)
Wyatt Earp (D-AZ)
Eduardo Ramirez (D-CA)
Dr. Frank Drake (D-CA)
ArnieTyle (R-CO)
paragon12321 (D-CT)
NebulaState (D-CT)
Jeremiah Jay (D-DE)
Elvish Magi (D-FL)
Christopher Richards (D-FL)
JoCaVa4 (D-GA)
Reaper (D-GA)
Hawaii Green (G-HI)
Matthew Faustini ID2 (R-ID)
Bobby Kennedy (D-IL)
paragon12322 (D-IL)
namurt (D-IN) (D-IA)
Alex (R-KS)
Zap Rowsdower. (R-KY)
James Carville (D-LA)
Drew Brees (R-LA)
Adam King (D-ME)
Krispy (D-MD)
Ben Cardin (D-MD)
Stephen Mason (D-MI)
Mike Bond MI (D-MI)
Michael Jay (D-MN)
Michael Jay 2 (D-MN)
Angela Merkel (R-MS)
Quien es (D-MS)
Mason of the Big Canoe (D-MO)
dj brown jr (D-MO)
Sod-Off Baldrick (D-MT)
NebulaWorld (D-MT)
elpmet (D-NE)
UsamaBinForgotted (D-NV)
George Haus (R-NV)
Jed Bartlet (D-NH)
Mike Bond NJ (D-NJ)
Ed Diaz (D-NJ)
BillRichardson (D-NM)
Senator Elvish Magi (D-NY)
Stetson Kennedy (D-NC)
larryreturns (R-ND)
Stryker (D-OH)
Wallace Breen (R-OK)
Adam OK (D-OK)
Chas Wyden (D-OR)
John Winters (D-PA)
Frank Rizzo (D-PA)
stockguy3 (D-SC)
Robert Ingersol (D-SC)
Crimson Volunteer (D-TN)
Crimson, Texas Ranger (D-TX)
Chaos (D-UT)
Juin (R-UT)
Progressivevoice (D-VT)
Progressivevoice jr. (D-VT)
Harry Byrd (D-VA)
southergentleman (R-VA)
David Miller (D-WA)
Ken Kennedy Kennedy (D-WA)
stockguy2 (D-WV)
Adam Sarnstrom (D-WI)
Sox Marshal (R-WY)

Senators voting Nay:
James Radonis (D-NH)
Thor (L-ND)
kingdoo (D-OR)
Mr. Free Jr. (L-WI)

Senators answering "Present":
nicvaliant_ferrer2 (D-AK)
Beth Ariane (D-AR)
Mike Huckabee (R-AR)
valiant2 (D-CO)
Jack A. Jay (D-DE)
Haunani (G-HI)
It'sbucket (R-IN)
Len Jorring (D-IA)
David KS Graves (L-KS)
Sparks (D-ME)
Michael Schroeder (D-MA)
DeRoyalgop (R-NE)
James B. Weaver (D-NY)
Thor 2 (L-NC)
Pedophile Eleden (D-OH)
Aine Oriana (G-RI)
Tony Benn (D-RI)
Mr. Free XI (L-SD)
Bigonesen3 (D-SD)
Eleden, Texas Rapist (D-TX)

Senators not voting yet:
Sam Ball D-MA (D-MA)
Peppermint (R-NM)
Ann Baker (R-WV)
rich14 (D-WY)
Computer (I-ID)