Bill Name: A Resolution Honoring the Utah Miners
Bill Description: Whereas on August 6, 2007, six miners, Kerry Allred, Don Erickson, Juan Carlos Payan, Brandon Phillips, Manuel Sanchez, and Jose Luis Hernandez, were trapped 1,800 feet below ground in the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah;

Whereas Federal, State, and local rescue crews worked relentlessly in an attempt to locate and rescue the trapped miners;

Whereas three rescuers, Gary Jensen, Brandon Kimbler, and Dale `Bird' Black lost their lives during the rescue attempt;

Whereas the loss of the miners has had a tremendous effect on the local community;

Whereas the emergency efforts coordinated by the Emery County Sheriff's Department have been exemplary;

Whereas Utah is one of the largest coal producing States in the Nation, producing over 21 million tons of coal in 2005;

Whereas coal continues to be the economic engine for many communities;

Whereas during the last century over 100,000 coal miners have been killed in mining accidents in the Nation's coal mines;

Whereas the Nation is greatly indebted to coal miners for the difficult and dangerous work they perform to provide the fuel needed to operate the Nation's industries and to provide energy to homes and businesses; and

Whereas many residents of Emery County and Carbon County, Utah, and the surrounding areas, came together to support the miners' families and the community has been steadfast in its efforts to help the families of the missing and deceased: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives--

(1) recognizes Kerry Allred, Don Erickson, Juan Carlos Payan, Brandon Phillips, Manuel Sanchez, Jose Luis Hernandez, Gary Jensen, Brandon Kimbler, and Dale `Bird' Black for their sacrifice in the Crandall Canyon, Utah coal mine;

(2) extends the deepest condolences of the Nation to the families of these men;

(3) recognizes the many volunteers who participated in the rescue efforts and provided support for the miners' families during the rescue ooperations; and

(4) honors the long national heritage of coal mining families and supports the tradition for the future.

Respectfully submitted,

Rep. nic2 (R-TX)


Sen. valiant2 (D-CO)
Rep. nicvaliant2 (R-CA)
Rep. nvnf (D-NY)
Rep. nicvaliant (D-MA)

Bill Author: nic2 (R-TX)
Aye: 78
Nay: 8
Present: 21

Senators voting Aye:
Scott (R-AL)
Matthew Faustini A1 (R-AK)
Addison McConnell (R-AK)
Wyatt Earp (D-AZ)
hefman08 (D-AZ)
Beth Ariane (D-AR)
Mike Huckabee (R-AR)
Eduardo Ramirez (D-CA)
Dr. Frank Drake (D-CA)
Tony Brannowich (R-CO)
Senator Joshua Miller (D-CO)
paragon12321 (D-CT)
Elvish Magi (D-FL)
Christopher Richards (D-FL)
JoCaVa4 (D-GA)
Alice Paul (D-HI)
bigonesen5 (D-HI)
Matthew Faustini ID2 (R-ID)
James Gunn (D-ID)
Bobby Kennedy (D-IL)
paragon12322 (D-IL)
It'sbucket (R-IN)
Danforth Quayle (R-IN) (D-IA)
ZapR (R-IA)
Zap Rowsdower. (R-KY)
Drew Brees (R-LA)
M. Broussard (R-LA)
Krispy (D-MD)
Ben Cardin (D-MD)
Mike Bond MI (D-MI)
Michael Jay (D-MN)
Michael Jay 2 (D-MN)
Angela Merkel (R-MS)
Quien es (D-MS)
Nathan Fletcher (R-MO)
Crimson Cardinal, Jr. (R-MO)
NebulaWorld (D-MT)
DeRoyalgop (R-NE)
UsamaBinForgotted (D-NV)
Mitchell Miller (D-NV)
Jed Bartlet (D-NH)
Mike Bond NJ (D-NJ)
Ed Diaz (D-NJ)
EldridgeDemNM (D-NM)
Senator Elvish Magi (D-NY)
James B. Weaver (D-NY)
Stetson Kennedy (D-NC)
Andy Griffith (R-NC)
Sen Andrew Min OK (R-OK)
Chas Wyden (D-OR)
Elos (D-OR)
John Winters (D-PA)
Frank Rizzo (D-PA)
Tony Benn (D-RI)
Degree1 (D-RI)
Robert Ingersol (D-SC)
StinkyBoy (R-SD)
Bill Buckner (R-SD)
Sen Andrew Min Ar (R-UT)
Juin (R-UT)
Progressivevoice (D-VT)
Progressivevoice jr. (D-VT)
Harry Byrd (D-VA)
southergentleman (R-VA)
David Miller (D-WA)
Ann Baker (R-WV)
Helper Seat (R-WI)
Sox Marshal (R-WY)
The Tick (R-WY)

Senators voting Nay:
Reaper (D-GA)
Sod-Off Baldrick (D-MT)
elpmet (D-NE)
BillRichardson (D-NM)
Thor (L-ND)
Stryker (D-OH)

Senators answering "Present":
Ralph Alan (R-AL)
NebulaState (D-CT)
Jeremiah Jay (D-DE)
Jack A. Jay (D-DE)
Joao KS (D-KS)
Eddie N Mason (R-KS)
Crimson Maine (R-ME)
Miles Porter (D-ME)
Michael Schroeder (D-MA)
Roseanne Connor (G-MA)
Chas Ford (D-MI)
Martin (R-NH)
D. Hobson (R-ND)
dzeggetai returns (R-OH)
VitterOk (R-OK)
RedBishop (R-SC)
Eleden, Texas Rapist (D-TX)
dziggetai (R-TX)
Martin Ogasawara (D-WA)
Joker of the East (R-WV)
William H. Rehnquist (R-WI)

Senators not voting yet: