Bill Name: Civics Education Act of 2007
Bill Description: A Bill to promote Civics Education in American Public Schools

The Senate and House of Representatives:

DEFINES Civics as the study of American government, American democracy, and the role of the common citizen in the government as well as the role of the governemnt in the lives of the common people.

NOTES voter turnout is perpetually reaching new lows.

NOTES a true Democracy can only exist with a well-educated and socially conscious public.

NOTES there is no incentive for teaching Civics in American Schools.

REALIZES that it is not the place of the Federal Government to directly dictate classes.

NOTES most states have their own High School accountability testing system.

ESTABLISHES the ideas of "Civics" as a portion of every state's accountability testing.

ESTABLISHES that Civics must be at least 5% of state accountability testing.

ALLOWS the states to set the degree to which Civics is tested beyond the minimum 5%.

ESTABLISHES that the exam must be at least 30 multiple choice questions and 4 open response questions (weighted at least 70%).

ALLOWS the states to write, institute, and grade the exam.

MAINTAINS that the cost will be low, as the test will simply be added onto existing exams.

MAINTAINS that Civics Education will increase the integrity of American Democracy.

This Bill will take effect two years after passage by the House and Senate. Congress expects school systems to utilize these two years to create Civics courses in preperation.

Respectfully Submitted,

NebulaWorld (D-MT)
NebulaState (D-CT)

NebulaKY (D-KY)
NebulaNY (D-NY)
Nebula PA (D-PA)
NebulaIL (D-IL)

Bill Author: NebulaKY (D-KY)
Aye: 79
Nay: 12
Present: 4

Senators voting Aye:
Scott (R-AL)
Ralph Alan (R-AL)
Matthew Faustini A1 (R-AK)
Addison McConnell (R-AK)
Wyatt Earp (D-AZ)
hefman08 (D-AZ)
Beth Ariane (D-AR)
Mike Huckabee (R-AR)
Eduardo Ramirez (D-CA)
Dr. Frank Drake (D-CA)
Senator Joshua Miller (D-CO)
paragon12321 (D-CT)
NebulaState (D-CT)
Elvish Magi (D-FL)
Reaper (D-GA)
bigonesen5 (D-HI)
Matthew Faustini ID2 (R-ID)
James Gunn (D-ID)
Bobby Kennedy (D-IL)
paragon12322 (D-IL)
Danforth Quayle (R-IN) (D-IA)
ZapR (R-IA)
Eddie N Mason (R-KS)
Zap Rowsdower. (R-KY)
M. Broussard (R-LA)
Crimson Maine (R-ME)
Miles Porter (D-ME)
Ben Cardin (D-MD)
Michael Schroeder (D-MA)
Roseanne Connor (G-MA)
Chas Ford (D-MI)
Michael Jay (D-MN)
Michael Jay 2 (D-MN)
Quien es (D-MS)
Crimson Cardinal, Jr. (R-MO)
NebulaWorld (D-MT)
elpmet (D-NE)
DeRoyalgop (R-NE)
UsamaBinForgotted (D-NV)
Mitchell Miller (D-NV)
Jed Bartlet (D-NH)
Ed Diaz (D-NJ)
BillRichardson (D-NM)
EldridgeDemNM (D-NM)
Senator Elvish Magi (D-NY)
James B. Weaver (D-NY)
Stetson Kennedy (D-NC)
Thor (L-ND)
Stryker (D-OH)
dzeggetai returns (R-OH)
Sen Andrew Min OK (R-OK)
VitterOk (R-OK)
Chas Wyden (D-OR)
Elos (D-OR)
John Winters (D-PA)
Frank Rizzo (D-PA)
Tony Benn (D-RI)
Degree1 (D-RI)
Robert Ingersol (D-SC)
RedBishop (R-SC)
StinkyBoy (R-SD)
Bill Buckner (R-SD)
Eleden, Texas Rapist (D-TX)
dziggetai (R-TX)
Sen Andrew Min Ar (R-UT)
Juin (R-UT)
Progressivevoice (D-VT)
Progressivevoice jr. (D-VT)
Harry Byrd (D-VA)
southergentleman (R-VA)
Martin Ogasawara (D-WA)
Joker of the East (R-WV)
Helper Seat (R-WI)
Sox Marshal (R-WY)
The Tick (R-WY)

Senators voting Nay:
Tony Brannowich (R-CO)
JoCaVa4 (D-GA)
It'sbucket (R-IN)
Joao KS (D-KS)
Drew Brees (R-LA)
Mike Bond MI (D-MI)
Angela Merkel (R-MS)
Martin (R-NH)
Mike Bond NJ (D-NJ)
Andy Griffith (R-NC)
Ann Baker (R-WV)
William H. Rehnquist (R-WI)

Senators answering "Present":
Christopher Richards (D-FL)
Krispy (D-MD)
D. Hobson (R-ND)
David Miller (D-WA)

Senators not voting yet:
Jeremiah Jay (D-DE)
Jack A. Jay (D-DE)
Alice Paul (D-HI)
Nathan Fletcher (R-MO)
Sod-Off Baldrick (D-MT)