Bill Name: Veterans Bill of Rights
Bill Description: 1. A BILL


Section 1. All soldiers who have previously served in the United States Armed Forces are entitled to the following:
Section 2. The right to a mandatory rather than a discretionary mechanism for funding veterans' health care, to eliminate year-to-year uncertainty that the funds they need will be there for them
Section 3. The right to obtain full and clear explanation of all benefits and comprehensive assistance in obtaining those benefits.
Section 4. The right to have a claim processed within six months.
Section 5. The right to the fullest possible accounting of the fate of POW/MIAs and the right to be designated as POW/MIA.
Section 6. The right to access state-of-the-art treatment facilities for traumatic brain injuries.
Section 7. The right of National Guard and Reserve personnel called to active service to receive the same benefits as active duty veterans.
Section 8. The right of disabled veterans to receive both their military retirement and VA compensation.
Section 9. The right of wounded Reserve troops to be treated like their active duty counterparts until their claims have been processed.
Section 10. The right of wounded veterans and those who have served in combat theaters to a comprehensive GI bill that provides full tuition, books, fees, and living expenses at any institution to which the veteran is accepted.


Respectfully Submitted,
Rep Andrew "Gator" Min (R-FL)
Rep Cowboy Min (R-TX)
Rep Andrew Min IN (R-IN)
Rep Andrew Min NC (R-NC)
Sen Andrew Min OK (R-OK)
Sen Andrew Min Ar (R-UT)

Sen. Crimson Cardinal, Jr. (R-MO)
Sen. Crimson Maine (R-ME)
Rep. Crimson Cardinal (R-MO)
Rep. Crimson Cavalier (R-VA)
Rep. Crimson Utah (R-UT)
Bill Author: Andrew "Gator" Min (R-FL)
Aye: 92
Nay: 0
Present: 4

Senators voting Aye:
Scott (R-AL)
Ralph Alan (R-AL)
Matthew Faustini A1 (R-AK)
Addison McConnell (R-AK)
Chuck Norris Eleden (D-AZ)
Beth Ariane (D-AR)
Mike Huckabee (R-AR)
Eduardo Ramirez (D-CA)
Robert BettisCA (R-CA)
Savant (D-CO)
dzgCO (R-CO)
paragon12321 (D-CT)
NebulaState (D-CT)
Glen Davis (D-DE)
Davis Vitter Mason (D-DE)
Elvish Magi (D-FL)
Reaper (D-GA)
whatdoyouwant73 (D-HI)
Dakota BIock (R-HI)
Matthew Faustini ID2 (R-ID)
Bobby Kennedy (D-IL)
paragon12322 (D-IL)
It'sbucket (R-IN)
Senor Needles (R-IA)
Jerry Brown (D-IA)
dfa01 (C-KY)
Drew Brees (R-LA)
Miles Porter (D-ME)
TomHatesSusanCollins (D-ME)
Ben Cardin (D-MD)
Shane (D-MA)
Chas Ford (D-MI)
TomLovesCarlLevin (D-MI)
Michael Jay (D-MN)
Michael Jay 2 (D-MN)
Angela Merkel (R-MS)
Quien es (D-MS)
dj brown jr (D-MO)
Nathan Fletcher (R-MO)
Sod-Off Baldrick (D-MT)
NebulaWorld (D-MT)
DeRoyalgop (R-NE)
Kat Scratch Fever (R-NV)
Jed Bartlet (D-NH)
Martin (R-NH)
Ed Diaz (D-NJ)
Savant NJ (D-NJ)
Ron Goatse (L-NM)
Senator Elvish Magi (D-NY)
James B. Weaver (D-NY)
Stetson Kennedy (D-NC)
Joker of the Atlantic (R-NC)
D. Hobson (R-ND)
Begoner4 (D-ND)
Stryker (D-OH)
Pedophile Eleden (D-OH)
VitterOk (R-OK)
Corey Bowen OK (C-OK)
Chas Wyden (D-OR)
John Winters (D-PA)
Frank Rizzo (D-PA)
Tony Benn (D-RI)
Degree1 (D-RI)
RedBishop (R-SC)
dzgSC (R-SC)
Bill Buckner (R-SD)
Hr_Sveka (R-SD)
Lone Star Husky (R-TX)
Progressivevoice (D-VT)
Progressivevoice jr. (D-VT)
Harry Byrd (D-VA)
Shane Vaughn-Dugan (D-WV)
Coal Miner (D-WV)
Mil Best (R-WI)
Brett Favre (D-WI)
Sox Marshal (R-WY)
The Tick (R-WY)

Senators voting Nay:
Liz Girard GA (R-GA)
Marq'd4Death2 (R-ID)
Marq'd4Death3 (R-IN)
Viagra Dole (L-KS)
Socialist Sebelius (L-KS)
M. Broussard (R-LA)
Rob-NE2 (R-NE)
UsamaBinForgotted (D-NV)
dziggetai (R-TX)
dope2 (L-UT)
dope1 (L-UT)

Senators answering "Present":
BillRichardson (D-NM)
Elos (D-OR)
southergentleman (R-VA)
David Miller (D-WA)

Senators not voting yet:
Christopher Richards (D-FL)
Krispy (D-MD)
Roseanne Connor (G-MA)
twoodard (D-WA)