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Empty Space !!!!!!David Vitter38/6/2009 9:15:19 PM
Joseph Santoro v. SUNY Binghamton --- Hearing---David Vitter205/3/2009 7:53:26 AM
Mary Jane v. U.S.- Physician Assisted Suicide / HearingDavid Vitter89/1/2006 10:45:23 AM
Joseph Santoro v. SUNY Binghamton---Amicus CuriaeBriefs---David Vitter28/27/2006 7:24:13 PM
Court Procedure for New Session Starting 7-23-06David Vitter28/22/2006 11:19:26 AM
Mary Jane v. U.S. / Amicus Curiae BriefsDavid Vitter148/12/2006 8:25:10 PM
Smith and Doe vs. Alabama - Majority OpinionPompitous of Love98/11/2006 5:26:02 PM
Alabama opinionMudCatSaunders98/8/2006 5:10:12 PM
Petition by Michael Romney David Vitter38/8/2006 5:29:37 AM
Smith and Doe v. Alabama - Verdict & OpinionsDavid Vitter48/8/2006 5:24:42 AM
Smith and Doe v. AlabamaDavid Vitter288/5/2006 7:03:03 AM
Smith and Doe v. Alabama / Amicus Curiae BriefsDavid Vitter38/4/2006 1:09:46 PM
Case Decision / AlexanderMagnus212 v. New ColumbiaDavid Vitter128/4/2006 6:24:53 AM
PostponementPompitous of Love88/2/2006 6:01:24 PM
AlexanderMagnus212 v. New ColumbiaDavid Vitter708/2/2006 2:10:13 PM
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