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Committee Vote For Gas Relief Act Of 2017James B. Weaver25/26/2010 8:32:15 PM
Discussion for Illegal Aliens Act God13/29/2010 3:20:20 AM
Committee Discussion For Firearm Vendor Restriction Act of 2009James B. Weaver29/2/2009 4:50:20 PM
Committee Hearing on Bill #1The Tick212/9/2008 6:53:33 PM
Committee Hearing on Bill #1, Lower Corporate TaxesThe Tick912/2/2008 9:52:29 PM
Committee Hearing on A Bill to Stimulate Small Business GrowthThe Tick712/2/2008 9:29:37 PM
Bailout BillJames B. Weaver711/18/2008 6:49:36 PM
Committee Hearing for Lower Corporate Taxes Act The Tick711/11/2008 9:04:32 PM
Fannie Mae Restoration ActJames B. Weaver811/5/2008 8:13:45 PM
Withdrawl From WTO ActJames B. Weaver1011/4/2008 9:12:07 PM
Helping Homeowners ActJames B. Weaver1011/4/2008 6:32:59 PM
Equal Pay Rights ActJames B. Weaver411/4/2008 5:49:56 PM
Confirmation Vote for TJ Bonilla as Secretary of the Treasury and CommerceJames B. Weaver410/28/2008 6:32:29 PM
Equality in Income Bill: Committee HearingAkron Husky1010/21/2008 9:56:45 PM
Security Derivatives Speculation Sales Tax Act Committee HearingAkron Husky1010/21/2008 9:55:10 PM
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