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From: Sasha | Posted: 7/12/2007 7:43:36 PM User Level: Administrator
There are some pretty serious database issues that can only be fixed with a reset. Also, this "age" has been going on for a while anyway, so a reset makes sense.

With the next reset, we will have a strict calendar system. We will reset to January 1, 2006, and out of fairness President Eleden will be able to serve out the rest of his term.

The reset is currently scheduled to take place on July 23.

EDIT: As usually happens when I set a date, this date is getting pushed back. The reset will happen next week.
From: Liz Girard HI | Posted: 7/12/2007 7:45:01 PM User Level:
From: Cincinnati Eleden | Posted: 7/12/2007 7:53:29 PM User Level:
From: Thomas Livingston | Posted: 7/12/2007 8:02:31 PM User Level:
We need some answers, which is why I propose Sasha write a FAQ for players on the upcoming reset. Questions such as:

- How many accounts can I run?
- Do elections between now and reset matter?
- Will there be gameplay improvements with this reset?
- Why did the farmer bury all his money in his fields?
Governor Livingston for Governor
From: Buffalo Bill Husky | Posted: 7/12/2007 8:24:19 PM User Level:
Why is the reset on a Monday? Will that mean that we will have a shorter time to campaign in the first election?
From: P. Gillmor | Posted: 7/12/2007 9:35:51 PM User Level:
What changes will the reset bring about?
From: sir cinaed | Posted: 7/12/2007 10:15:07 PM User Level:
out of fairness also the court should be able complete its turn also. because members had to go through the nom process and have been waiting since jan and are now just one person away.
From: sir cinaed | Posted: 7/12/2007 10:16:11 PM User Level:
* term* not turn
From: Sasha | Posted: 7/13/2007 3:30:43 PM User Level: Administrator
Clarification: All accounts will be deleted on Monday, July 23, for the reset. The elections will begin that Thursday.

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From: P. Gillmor | Posted: 7/13/2007 4:22:58 PM User Level:
Deleted as in EVERY account is gone, or deleted as in you just have to re-activate them by signing in?
From: James Kirk | Posted: 7/19/2007 8:31:52 PM User Level:
Regarding clearing out everything:

I agree with previous posts that the Supreme Court members who are currently serving should get to continue their terms. Reasons behind that:

1) They underwent a hearing process and were given their positions fairly.

2) The Supreme Court should not be 100% vacant, even if there is a reset.

3) Currently serving members reflect the nominations of previous presidents. If the court were completely vacant, it would be left to the current president to fill to its entirety, which does not seem like good politics (or accurately simmed 21st century politics).

4) If the Court is completely new, we will have to vote on 9 new justices, plus cabinet members. It will take legislation a long time to come for a vote. Or, if we are voting on nominees and bills, it will take a LONG time to have a full court plus cabinet.

Thanks for taking the time to read my opinions on the matter.

James Kirk (R-Indiana)
Former House GOP Leader and current House candidate
(aka Krusty)

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From: Richard Dawson | Posted: 7/20/2007 8:17:01 AM User Level:
If someone could clarify:

Monday (July 23)-- Reset happens, everyone can sign up for their races.

Thursday (July 26)-- New election campaign begins.

After reading the boards, I'm wondering if on the 26th there will be an election, or if that is when the campaign begins. Will there be a short campaign from Monday through Thursday next week?

From: Keys Kennedy | Posted: 7/21/2007 10:17:08 AM User Level:
I would like to add my voice to those who have already posted regarding the Supreme Court. In fairness to those who have gone through extensive confirmation processes, and in the interest of having a working court within a reasonable period of time, I respectfully request that the Chief Justice and Associate Justices who have been confirmed since the November 2006 reset be allowed to continue to serve until they have completed the minimum number of weeks stated in the game rules and until all seats on the Court have been filled.

Current members of the Court are:

Chief Justice izixs1
Associate Justice XiFL
Associate Justice facios servitium
Associate Justice MG John Conyers

(Associate Justice Galatica was confirmed, but resigned May 9, 2007:

thank the former Republican leader Mr. Kirk for his support in this matter and ask that leaders and members of all parties join in this recommendation to the game administration.

Thank you

Keys Kennedy (D-FL)
Former Senator, Vice President, and Acting President
From: Davenport Husky | Posted: 7/21/2007 5:27:56 PM User Level:
I'd like to see the flame board return so those who want to flame will have a place away from the serious discussions.
From: Elvish | Posted: 7/22/2007 3:39:09 PM User Level:
It does seem only fair and proper that the current members of Scotus are allowed to remain in place, or that they are re-appointed as soon as practicalities allow.

- Majority Leader
From: James Kirk | Posted: 7/23/2007 3:24:49 PM User Level:
Ok, I'm an idiot sometimes. It's currently Monday 6:20pm (Eastern) and it looks like old races are still up.

When does the reset happen? What can we expect it to look like? And, since nobody appeared to answer last time I'll ask again: Does campaigning start tonight, or will it run from Thursday to Thursday.

(Sorry to be a pest, it's just that I don't have much Internet access this week, and I'm trying to make the most of the limited time I will have.)


"It takes two to lie: One to lie and one to listen" --Homer J. Simpson
From: ruiner4u | Posted: 7/28/2007 1:40:02 PM User Level:
Is this reset ever going to happen?