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March 16, 2010

Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of High Officals For Treason

WHEREAS numerous current and former members of Congress, and a a former President of the United States, have, and do continue to conspire and act to overthrow the duly elected Constitutional government of the United States.

THEREFORE, both Houses of Congress, acting to secure the peace and security of the duly constituted Republic, do hereby establish and authorize a Special Prosecutor to be selected by the President, and tasked with a full investigation and presentation of Charges and Evidence to the Supreme Court for final Verdict and Disposition.

The Special Prosecutor's Office shall run for five (5) years.

This Special Prosecutor shall tasked with investigating and prosecuting acts of treason committed after the Presidential Pardon of February 25th.

$5 billion dollars shall be removed from the foreign aid budget and $5 bil from the Defense Dept budget to pay for the prosecution of the traitors.

Submitted 2:37 AM by Roseanne Connor
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I'd suggest we pass this bill and the President select a Special Prosecutor, and have it all at the ready should it become necessary. Not that these persons should be tried for treason, but if it should become necessary, we will need a prosecutorial element to bring it to the Court.
Posted By Roseanne Connor on 3/16/10 at 2:40 AM | Reply
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sounds like a decent movement
Posted By Senator Boughner on 3/16/10 at 8:24 PM | Reply
Non-Partisanship Needed
It is nescissary, for this bill to be effective, to look in a neutral direction to fill these shoes. I, for one, will feel better if there wasn't a whole lot of Political Partisanship behind the appointing of this position.
Posted By D. L. Brunner on 3/27/10 at 2:39 AM | Reply
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A non-partisan should be appointed to limit political interference in the role.
Posted By Jayme Redhead on 3/27/10 at 3:56 PM | Reply
dont be stupid
Dont waste 5 billion that you could be spending to help people of foreign countries on trying to validate a rigged election. I tried, more than anyone else, to come to terms with the former President. He rejected to even try to bring the GOP back into the fold. You see, as a Democrat, you would appreciate the word 'transparency'. If I want information from my president, i should be able to get it. its my right as a citizen.
Posted By Micheal D. Huckabee on 4/3/10 at 2:53 AM | Reply
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see, this is what is so dishonest abt what you are saying: "rejected to even try to bring the GOP back into the fold." That is what all the obfuscating, dissembling and dithering have been abt. Some in the GOP, like yourself, are unwilling to accept the pardons and move on. There are elements in the GOP that don't have the tits or political acumen to accept that what they did was wrong, they got caught by a whistle blower, and shrug and move on.

Some in the game GOP took a page out of the real world GOP, and stalled and brought up a bushel of red herrings and waved unseen folders with "evidence" of wrong doings by their political opponents and created criminally seditious pretend counter-governments -- all to derail the Democrats and I's attempts to create a functioning government.

And here is the rub; President Holcomb had created a cabinet of ALL the parties. McCain-Palin, in the alt of Taylor, was the Attorney general for gosh sakes.

Huckabee, your whole schtick abt trying to be some sort of conciliator has been nothing but an attempt to validate a cover up. President Holcomb's cabinet, and the Democrats who were chairs of various committees were all about bipartisanship.

There are elements in the GOP that are unwilling to accept President Holcomb's pardons because it would be an admission of guilt. Holcomb's pardons appeared to me, to be sort of like a truth and reconciliation type-thing. But no, certain elements within the GOP chose to take a path of attempting to overthrow the Constitutional government, and to sabotage the Republic's healthy functioning.

I only wish Pres Holcomb would be discouraged, and he appoints an Independent Counsel/Special Prosecutor who pursues prosecution of the small gang of Senate Seeker Hutaree who have attempted to overthrow the government. Holcomb and the Democrats, god bless 'em, did believe in bipartisanship, and look what it got them.

Look, I don't think the Chief or other Associate and I would be opposed to hearing a case re any constitutional concerns held regarding President Holcomb's pardon re the last pres election. But I think an investigation into the attempted overthrow of the government could be done concurrently, as these are two separate issues.

So, Huckabee (I so wanted to write; Hucksterbee, but refrained out of decorum to a former President - but, since he's a criminal now, what they hey), don't go parading around all high-and-mighty, claiming some sort of sainthood, based on a greasy sleight of hand and smelly bogus "unity" plans.
Posted By Roseanne Connor on 4/4/10 at 6:39 PM | Reply
5 billion
no no and no, 5 billion dollers wasted on to put a traiter to rest i say no to this this is an injustice , why take away from people who need aid when we are going to spend it on traiters.
Posted By someguy576 on 9/4/10 at 1:41 PM | Reply
from Joshua Crowder (R)
I agree with Michael Huckabee. Joshua Crowder for House of Representatives.
Posted By Joshua Crowder on 12/13/10 at 9:29 PM | Reply
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indeed i agree will all you player, that still play. kepp on playing. we,together, can make a diffrence!
Posted By Demo3 on 7/25/12 at 12:48 AM | Reply

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