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May 15, 2010

Peoples Relief Act of 2010

Peoples Relief Act of 2010

Submitted By Brent Jackson

Stating To Decrease The Income Tax By 5% By January 20th 2011
Lower Taxes on Businesses by 20% With Less Than a 10,000 income month ( $ 120,000 a Year.
Lowering The Housing Taxes by 12%
Decreasing the Estate Tax by 1.8%
Lowering The Food Tax by .75%
Lowering the Marriage Tax By 2%.

This Bill Will Not Effect Illegal Immigrants.

Stating The Taxes Overall Be Lowered with Varying Percent with Income, Housing, Marriage, Food, Estate, Small Businesses.

Results in : Stimulating Economy, Decrease The Poverty Rate, Creates More Jobs by Lowering Taxes on Small Businesses with a larger budget for businesses.

Your support from all the states.

Submitted on behalf of Brent Jackson.
Submitted 1:03 PM by Pileup
Programs Cut
This Bill Will Cut Extra Funds Torwards Other large Compaines. Cut Funds Torwards Wars by 35%
Posted By Brent Jackson on 5/15/10 at 1:09 PM | Reply
Good idea, but..
In the state of the economy and our growing deficit doing this would make our budget even more unbalanced. I would support this bill, but not at this moment in time.
Posted By ppkk06 on 5/16/10 at 9:25 PM | Reply
Thanks But Lower Taxes would balance the economy buy the people whom will produce more money buy more which will strenthin Companies which we would not need to bail out also much money has been given to Nasa and yet no discovery or new spaceship. cut this by 16 billion cut social Security by 2 billion. And Getting out of this war that we have been throwing away trillions but yet has not resoled anything.
Posted By Brent Jackson on 5/16/10 at 9:38 PM | Reply
No title
The bill you have provided above does not stimulate the economy. I cannot see any possible reason or way that cutting taxes on businesses earning less than 120,000 dollars a year will help anyone besides the people controlling those small businesses.
Posted By John Berlac on 5/18/10 at 10:05 PM | Reply
Governor Of Connecticut
What about the sales tax that effects my state and the states of New York and New Jersey.
Posted By Terrence Smith on 5/16/10 at 9:44 PM | Reply
Sales Tax Response
True this bill has already been submitted but I will work with senator hayworth,michealson,pileup etc. to get that done now we plan to knock out these outragous taxes.
Posted By Brent Jackson on 5/16/10 at 9:52 PM | Reply
sales tax, etc
state sales taxes are not the pervue of the federal government.

the sorts of tax cuts you are proposing do not mean people will spend more on consumer goods that drive our post-industrial economy. there is already so much consumer debt that this money will go to pya interest and such, thus fattening further the wealth of the multinationals.

I's suggest the bill be rewritten to focus on small businesses/farmers. Set a federal cap on interest small businesses have to pay on loans. Raise taxes on the multinational corporations and put that money in a pool that could be loaned to small businesses at no interest for ten years, pr until that business reaches a certain net profit.
Posted By Exene Cervanka on 5/17/10 at 2:40 PM | Reply
Bill revision
Peoples Relief Act of 2010 (revised)

Submitted By Brent Jackson

1)Stating To Decrease The Income Tax By 5% By January 20th 2011

2)Lower Taxes on Businesses by 20% With Less Than a 10,000 income month ( $ 120,000 a Year).

3) Rasing Taxes By 14% on Large Buissnesses with more than a average income of 600,000 a year.

4)Lowering The Housing Taxes by 12%

5)Decreasing the Estate Tax by 1.8%
6)Lowering The Food Tax by .75%
7)Lowering the Marriage Tax By 2%.
8) Lowering The Sales Tax in all states by 4%

9) Lowering Taxes on All Farm Industries and Farmers buy 7%

This Bill Will Not Effect Illegal Immigrants.

Stating The Taxes Overall Be Lowered with Varying Percent with Income, Housing, Marriage, Food, Estate, Small Businesses.

We will take
13 Billion out of the social security
12 Billion from Misc.
40 Bilion From Nasa

Results in : Stimulating Economy, Decrease The Poverty Rate, Creates More Jobs by Lowering Taxes on Small Businesses with a larger budget for businesses.

Your support from all the states.

Submitted on behalf of Brent Jackson
Posted By Pileup on 5/18/10 at 10:56 AM | Reply
I have absolutly no support. I would, maybe, have support if logical ways to earn enough money to pay this off would work. However, the ways to cover up the financial crisis this would put us in are needed.

Coming into this, I did a little research on some things, and this is what I found:

"Social security is primarily a social insurance program providing social protection, or protection against socially recognized conditions, including poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others."

Planning to cut 12 billion dollars into a social insurance program will most definitly hurt the organization and what it is intended to do. Why cut 12 billion dollars out of a program that helps everyone in america simply to help businesses? I ask why you would take money away from a a social insurance program that helps everyone who actually needs help and spend it on businesses that don't necissarily need the help.

My next question is what exactly is misc.? I will not be approving a bill to cut things from programs without knowing exactly what is being cut from.

NASA science is focused on better understanding Earth through the Earth Observing System, advancing heliophysics through the efforts of the Science Mission Directorate's Heliophysics Research Program, exploring bodies throughout the Solar System with advanced robotic missions such as New Horizons, and researching astrophysics topics, such as the Big Bang, through the Great Observatories and associated programs. NASA shares data with various national and international organizations such as from the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite.

Why cut 40 BILLION dollars from a scientific program that is helping to solve bigger issues throughout our nation and out world than taxes? It just doesnt add up.

I don't know how much money will be used in cutting all these taxes and ask one member to pull up some information about that. However, I have a strong feeling that it equals more than 55 billion dollars.

As for cutting taxes for business, I do not see how this will stimulate the economy, seeing that they only earn about 120,000 dollars a year, I doubt they will be hiring much. This simply wont stimulate the economy.

On the topic of poverty, we can definitly tell that this would help the 10% or so of people who are unemployed and in poverty. However, thats only 10% of the population. Why cut taxes from the other 90% who can easily pay these taxes?

All in all, I will not support this unless things are changed.

Posted By John Berlac on 5/18/10 at 10:03 PM | Reply
You Can Say What You Want
Yoou need to come up with a bill that does not involve Somewhat cloneing and take credit.
Posted By Brent Jackson on 5/19/10 at 6:27 AM | Reply
Cloneing? No.
I offered an alternative bill to the bill you have created. This is not cloneing. Furthermore, it was a more bi-partisan approach to tax relief (and it frankly still does somewhat fall to the right side of the aisle a bit.) I take credit for the alternative bill because I did propose it.
Posted By John Berlac on 5/19/10 at 4:56 PM | Reply
I actually like it. You have my vote
Evan Palin- This could work. It will help improve agriculture and make life more affordable by lowering all these taxes. However To much lowering taxes could keep us in debt.
Posted By Evan Palin on 5/19/10 at 6:27 PM | Reply
No title
i also support your bill but how might y=the people act.
Posted By Nigel O.J.Walton on 5/27/10 at 7:38 PM | Reply
No title
This is still absurd. Stripping away money form Social Security? Are you going to increase allocations for medicaid and food stamps then?

And, may I ask; what federal food tax? What federal housing tax?

Are you proposing to force states to lower real estate and and sales taxes on food?

If we're just making things up; I'd like to suggest lowering the federal tax on clarinet playing, and increase the federal taxes on trumpet playing (with an exemption for herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass cover bands).

I like the adjustment on federal taxes on small and large businesses.

And, while I oppose human space flight as being a waste of time and money, I oppose stripping NASA of money used for robotic and satellite exploration.

And Berlac; bipartisanship is for the weak and for those afraid of the GOP. Like your absent president!
Posted By Roseanne Connor on 5/30/10 at 5:30 PM | Reply
I do support, but we must do some things first
I love the bill, I want to cut taxes also if I was a senator. But we must cut government spending FIRST so we will have the money to cut taxes, plus reduce deficit.
Posted By Cody Holmes on 6/8/10 at 11:09 PM | Reply
As a candidate currently running for the house of representatives I do support the cutting of taxes, but also the cuts in wasteful government spending. The entitlement mindset of this country will only further this great country into a deep hole that we will never get out of.
Posted By WilliamShrugged on 7/22/10 at 10:34 PM | Reply
No title
We can not afford such tax cuts. You're looking at trillions of dollars being added to the deficit.

Instead, lower taxes on small businesses 5% and put in place a $5000 tax credit for hiring. That is almost certain to create jobs.
Posted By James45 on 9/19/10 at 2:29 AM | Reply
Although I am all for tax cuts, are we going to cut welfare funding? Food stamp funding? It says in here it won't affect illegal aliens. Why not? Make them pay taxes too! They should pay more taxes in my opinion!
Posted By Randy Darrah on 10/24/10 at 4:53 PM | Reply
from Joshua Crowder (R)
I love this bill because cutting taxes is something that voters have been longing for for years. And if you want proof of that, look at George H. W. Bush. He promised to cut taxes and that is the main reason that he was elected. But when voters realized that he had lied about the tax cuts they hated him for it.
Posted By Joshua Crowder on 12/12/10 at 9:02 PM | Reply
No title
1) The federal government should not intervene with state tax policies such as sales tax, housing, marriage, food, and etc. States know what it takes to balance their budget, and it sounds like federal over reach.

2) Cutting income and business tax would further expand the nation's deficit which is already up to 80 billion. Therefore, the spending cuts should equal the tax cuts plus 80 billion.
Posted By Seth Jackson on 10/3/11 at 2:29 AM | Reply
No title
This must be repealed tax in income will only hurt the nation (I am new to this)
Posted By Lordlucas90 on 9/7/12 at 12:56 AM | Reply
Lowering taxes has proved to NOT help the economy.

Corporate taxes exist to help stimulate the economy. Due to the way that the wealthy work, they prefer to invest rather than pay taxes. Due to tax breaks favoring investments, an increase in corporate taxes will result in companies investing MORE and hiring MORE employees in order to avoid paying taxes on their profits.

This bill is simply a prime example of entitlement that the wealthy have.

Cutting income and business tax will only further expand our nation's deficit. We can't afford to cut spending as much as those tax cuts would require us to do in order to fix our deficit problem. Our business taxes are already at a historical low. We can not afford to lower them.
Posted By Nerdymouse on 11/9/12 at 12:17 AM | Reply
No title
What's a marriage tax?
Posted By Erin Belcher on 4/15/13 at 12:55 PM | Reply
No title
We are currently facing a deficient, not a surplus, i feel as though your tax decreases are to large and will ultimately hurt our economy at this time. In a perfect world, our economy would be thriving enough that we could initiate your tax decreases, but unfortunately this is reality. And by increasing the taxes on large business you will effectively hurt the work force that our country prospers on.
Posted By ClaytonHowerton on 7/9/13 at 2:30 AM | Reply

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