Frequently Asked Questions


How do I gain turns?

You get 5 turns every 30 minutes, and you cannot have more than 500 at any one time. There is no way to change this.

How do I gain money?

You get money at midnight. You will get very little money, however, unless you fundraise. It costs 60 turns to fundraise and this can be done by clicking the link on the left. You can also gain money if your leader donates money to you.

How do I vote on bills?

You must be a Senator to vote on Senate Bills and a House member to vote on House Bills. Getting into the House is fairly easy as many runnerups tend to get in (depending on the size of the state.) Anyone in the House can vote on all the Bills each day, but the Senate is more powerful as it commands the calendar and it contains less people.

When are elections?

Elections are on Thursday at 9:00 PM EDT.

How do I become a Senator?

If you get first place in the Senate election, you will be a Senator.

What powers to do leaders/whips have?

Leaders are elected, and then they have the power to choose a whip. Leaders can bring bills to a floor vote, donate money, receive money from other Senators, and view poll numbers. Whips can see poll numbers and some have power to bring Bills to a floor vote. Only Senators with Seniority are eligble for these positions.

How do polls work?

Polls are calculated in a fair method which allows more than 2 people to compete fairly. This means that "spoilers" do not work in this game. You will only see a percentage, the highest being the person in the lead. However, behind the scenes, the Instant Runoff Voting method is used.


Why is [Insert Party Here] in the Majority?

Throughout the game, the Republicans and Democrats have both have had the chance to be in the Majority. The game is not rigged for one Party to always be in the Majority or something.

Is this game biased one way or another?

It might be, but I try to make it as unbiased as I can. There are administrators from both sides of the political spectrum.

Why didn't you add my Bill? Do you hate [conservatives/liberals]?

Sometimes, bills aren't added right away, and they will be added later. Also, I won't add bills that don't make sense or that don't work in the context of this game. Finally, some bills are redundant. Bills now go into a "Dicuss Bills" section, so you will probably see a reason there.

Can I edit my Bill?

Just post your revion in "Debate Bills."