Republican Leader Elections
Here, you can see the status of elections for the Party Leader. If you are a Representative of this party, you can also vote for the person of your choice by clicking their name.

Redwings11 (OK)25 supportRedwings119 terms
conor101 (UT)18 supportconor1018 terms
Richard B. Cheney (WY)7 supportRedwings1142 terms
John McCloud (MT)1 supportRedwings1135 terms
Don Young (AK)0 supportRedwings1142 terms
G. W. Whitehurst (VA)0 supportRedwings1142 terms
Agnes (SD)0 supportRichard B. Cheney18 terms
Rita (AZ)0 supportRichard B. Cheney18 terms
Lucille (AL)0 supportRichard B. Cheney18 terms
Bertha (AR)0 supportRichard B. Cheney18 terms
Sean Hannity 3 (TN)0 supportconor1014 terms
Thomas Stanton (GA)0 support2 terms
John C. Mac (MS)0 supportconor1011 terms
charlie (ID)0 support1 terms

Here are how Representatives who may not seek leadership yet have voted:
Johnny Isaakson (GA)Redwings11
Client Nine (FL)Redwings11
Gene Simmons (TX)conor101
Peter Criss (FL)conor101
Ace Frehley (CA)Redwings11
Husky Immortal (SC)conor101
Dale Gribble (TX)Redwings11
Bombers018 (MI)Redwings11
conservativeforever (WI)conor101
spartans11 (PA)Redwings11
Titans1 (FL)Redwings11
Tom (TX)conor101
bucsfan (SC)conor101
john mac (NE)conor101
John Marigold (OH)Redwings11
Andrew Sienna (CA)Redwings11
Michael Tyler (TX)
macpalin08 (FL)conor101
Indiana R. Gray (IN)Redwings11
Floyd Martin (WA)conor101
Eric Hardcastle (IL)conor101
Michael Quinn (MN)conor101
macwire (CA)conor101
Alex911911 (AL)
Melinda Tinsley (IN)Redwings11
Jack Reed (VA)
Tommy Lee (PA)
Andrew Yip (CA)
Nathan Britt (VA)conor101
RAS (NY)conor101
Austin Britt (NC)
Luigi Costello (GA)
moester1 (AL)
Michael Costello (TN)