Majority Leader Elections
Here, you can see the status of elections for the Party Leader. If you are a Representative of this party, you can also vote for the person of your choice by clicking their name.

rep don brown (NV)66 supportDerrick Clinton34 terms
David Unger (PA)11 supportDavid Unger56 terms
Derrick Clinton (MN)9 supportDerrick Clinton4 terms
Ed Ma (MA)2 supportElliot256 terms
Bob Babineaux (LA)1 supportrep don brown56 terms
Locust Sang (ND)1 supportDerrick Clinton56 terms
William Jennings Bryan (NE)0 supportDavid Unger50 terms
Michael Wong (CA)0 supportrep don brown56 terms
Elizabeth Rivera (TX)0 supportrep don brown56 terms
Claude Pepper (FL)0 supportDavid Unger57 terms
Ed Hudson (NJ)0 supportElliot256 terms
Ed Ha (HI)0 supportElliot253 terms
Stetson Kennedy II (SC)0 supportDerrick Clinton56 terms
William Baker (NH)0 supportDavid Unger41 terms
James Baird Weaver (IA)0 supportDavid Unger41 terms
walja (WI)0 supportrep don brown37 terms
Thomas Benton (MO)0 supportrep don brown33 terms
Kennedy at Newport (RI)0 supportDerrick Clinton20 terms
Storm Boris (NY)0 supportrep don brown13 terms
POTUSS (MI)0 supportrep don brown5 terms
Leon J. Anstiss (WA)0 supportrep don brown5 terms
Erin Clinton (NC)0 supportDerrick Clinton5 terms
Larry Bird (IN)0 support3 terms
Jim Brown (OH)0 support3 terms
tamman (CO)0 support3 terms
meadia (OR)0 support2 terms

Here are how Representatives who may not seek leadership yet have voted:
JayDub (MI)JayDub
Ed Doe (CA)Elliot2
dbrown (CA)rep don brown
cubsfan67 (IL)rep don brown
John Marshall (CA)Derrick Clinton
adamsmo (IA)
jcheng (CA)Jackpot Kennedy
Cincinnatus (OH)rep don brown
Darwin Rocks (PA)rep don brown
Tom West (CA)
Katie Williams (TX)rep don brown
Maddog30 (CA)
Basilio Bonilla III (NY)
Darius James (PA)David Unger
BasilioBonilla (CA)
usfbulls (FL)
Myles Mann (CA)rep don brown
rimrocka4144 (IL)rep don brown
Gary Herges (CA)
Harvey Nick Clinton (NY)Derrick Clinton
Hayden Clinton (OH)Derrick Clinton
Jim Rudi (MI)
angelajenkins (FL)
erick4793 (NC)
Caleb J. Torres (IN)rep don brown
Richard Butkus (IL)
bbbseay (AL)rep don brown
Brook Rocka (LA)rep don brown
Dakotafox (OH)
Wayne McCarty (FL)
Bill Arnold (CA)
Dan Uggla (FL)
Marcus Edwards (NJ)
brianreed (CT)
FlSav (FL)
drumming ya (CA)
Jake Johnson (NV)David Unger
ernestffleming01 (MD)
Christian T. Gibbons (WV)rep don brown
wxyrty (NY)
Mary Jenkins (NY)
Kaligh (FL)
Max Tilse (TX)
Jag Johnson (GA)
Jag Fohnson (OH)
plop23 (FL)
pags (PA)
Tyler Swift (WA)
Hitman (UT)