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Senate Seeker: Current House Bill
Every day, the House votes on four bills. A majority is needed to pass a regular bill, and 2/3 is needed to pass an amendment. These are the same Bills as the one the Senate votes on, and they will only pass if both houses agree.

Bill Name: Living Wage Act
Bill Description: A BILL

to increase the minimum wage by 50 cents every six months until 2015.

Whereas, an honest weeks work deserves an honest weeks wages, at a level sufficient to provide at least a basic living standard.

Whereas, the value of the Federal Minimum Wage has been eroded by years of neglect despite rising living costs, which must never be allowed to occur again.


Commencing the 31st December 2008 (or 30 days after the passage of this bill should that be later), the Federal Minimum Wage shall be increased by two dollars to $7.15, and shall be increased by one dollar on that date every year thereafter until 2013, when the minimum wage shall be $12.15.

Every year thereafter, the Federal Minimum Wage will be adjusted in line with the average rate reported by the Consumer Price Index over the preceding 12 months.

Respectfully submitted,
Senator Stryker (D-OH)
Rep. Grim Reaper (D-MT)
Bill Author: Stryker (D-OH)
Lobby Groups:
AFL-CIO supports
Chamber of Commerce opposes
Aye: 765
Nay: 498
Present: 0

Representatives voting Aye:
moester1 (R-AL)
Emperor Norton (G-CA)
Bill Arnold (D-CA)
Sith Lord Revan (CA) (C-CA)
Sith Lord Revan (CT) (C-CT)
D. Tinglov (L-DE)
Claude Pepper (D-FL)
angelajenkins (D-FL)
Wayne McCarty (D-FL)
Dan Uggla (D-FL)
FlSav (D-FL)
Luigi Costello (R-GA)
charlie (R-ID)
Larry Bird (D-IN)
Jim Rudi (D-MI)
Thomas Benton (D-MO)
Marcus Edwards (D-NJ)
erick4793 (D-NC)
Cincinnatus (D-OH)
Jim Brown (D-OH)
Redwings11 (R-OK)
Darwin Rocks (D-PA)
Joe Sixpack (L-PA)
Michael Costello (R-TN)
Hitman (D-UT)
Sith Lord Revan (WV) (C-WV)
Christian T. Gibbons (D-WV)
walja (D-WI)

Representatives voting Nay:
bbbseay (D-AL)
macwire (R-CA)
Client Nine (R-FL)
plop23 (D-FL)
Johnny Isaakson (R-GA)
Austin Britt (R-NC)
Dale Gribble (R-TX)
Nathan Britt (R-VA)

Representatives answering "Present":

Representatives not voting yet:
Lucille (R-AL)
Alex911911 (R-AL)
Don Young (R-AK)
Rita (R-AZ)
Bertha (R-AR)
Michael Wong (D-CA)
Ace Frehley (R-CA)
Ed Doe (D-CA)
dbrown (D-CA)
John Marshall (D-CA)
jcheng (D-CA)
Tom West (D-CA)
Maddog30 (D-CA)
BasilioBonilla (D-CA)
Myles Mann (D-CA)
Gary Herges (D-CA)
Andrew Sienna (R-CA)
drumming ya (D-CA)
Andrew Yip (R-CA)
Cynthia McKinney (G-CA)
Boy George (L-CA)
tamman (D-CO)
brianreed (D-CT)
Peter Criss (R-FL)
usfbulls (D-FL)
Titans1 (R-FL)
macpalin08 (R-FL)
Kaligh (D-FL)
Thomas Stanton (R-GA)
Jag Johnson (D-GA)
Ed Ha (D-HI)
cubsfan67 (D-IL)
rimrocka4144 (D-IL)
William Burroughs (G-IL)
Richard Butkus (D-IL)
Eric Hardcastle (R-IL)
Caleb J. Torres (D-IN)
Indiana R. Gray (R-IN)
Melinda Tinsley (R-IN)
adamsmo (D-IA)
James Baird Weaver (D-IA)
Kim Carson (G-KS)
El Wray (L-KS)
Bob Babineaux (D-LA)
Brook Rocka (D-LA)
SaulWilliams (G-ME)
ernestffleming01 (D-MD)
Ed Ma (D-MA)
JayDub (D-MI)
Bombers018 (R-MI)
Derrick Clinton (D-MN)
Michael Quinn (R-MN)
A Cortini (G-MN)
John C. Mac (R-MS)
John McCloud (R-MT)
William Jennings Bryan (D-NE)
john mac (R-NE)
rep don brown (D-NV)
Jake Johnson (D-NV)
William Baker (D-NH)
Ed Hudson (D-NJ)
Nescafe (G-NY)
Storm Boris (D-NY)
Basilio Bonilla III (D-NY)
Harvey Nick Clinton (D-NY)
wxyrty (D-NY)
Mary Jenkins (D-NY)
Erin Clinton (D-NC)
Locust Sang (D-ND)
John Marigold (R-OH)
Hayden Clinton (D-OH)
Dakotafox (D-OH)
Jag Fohnson (D-OH)
malcom (C-OR)
meadia (D-OR)
David Unger (D-PA)
Darius James (D-PA)
spartans11 (R-PA)
Tommy Lee (R-PA)
pags (D-PA)
Kennedy at Newport (D-RI)
Stetson Kennedy II (D-SC)
Husky Immortal (R-SC)
bucsfan (R-SC)
Agnes (R-SD)
Sean Hannity 3 (R-TN)
Elizabeth Rivera (D-TX)
Gene Simmons (R-TX)
Katie Williams (D-TX)
Tom (R-TX)
Michael Tyler (R-TX)
Ron Paul.. (L-TX)
Robin Finck (G-TX)
Max Tilse (D-TX)
conor101 (R-UT)
Malashaan1 (G-VT)
G. W. Whitehurst (R-VA)
Randy Darrah (L-VA)
Jack Reed (R-VA)
Audrey Rose (L-VA)
Leon J. Anstiss (D-WA)
Floyd Martin (R-WA)
Tyler Swift (D-WA)
conservativeforever (R-WI)
Richard B. Cheney (R-WY)