Executive Speech 225: Mission to Mars

President Cincinnati Eleden gave this speech on August 8, 2007 to the American public on primetime television.

"The United States has distinguished itself as a country of explorers. From Lewis and Clark to our journeys through the galaxy, we have never failed to reach for the new frontier. Let us never forget that our society is built from the European discovery of this new continent. And now we have conquered the continent, we have built detailed maps of this world, and even of our moon. The question is, what is next for the explorers of America, and the explorers of the world?

Today, I announce a joint mission along with the European Space Agency to meet the face of Mars with the peak of human technology. We shall have a man on Mars by the end of 2016.

There are some who would say that tax dollars should not be spent on expensive space projects while we struggle with deficits and poverty at home. Space travel is expensive, but is in no way a waste of government funds. The fruits of past exploration surround us. CAT scanners, created by NASA originally, search for tumors and malformations in the bodies of our neighbors and friends. Kidney dialysis machines save American lives. Water purification, freeze dried food and cordless power tools are innovations which NASA enabled. Even a simple thing like pizza would not be made the same way today if not for the changes that NASA has brought to the world.

It is a uniquely American trait to serve as the bold leaders of the world, by making choices and taking strides for things deemed impossible by other nations. America must continue to lead the nations of the Earth, even by leaving it as a speck in a window.

I therefore ask Congress to double the funding of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to a level of 34.8 billion dollars.

Thank you, my fellow citizens, and may God bless America."