Executive Speech 226: Climate Change Resolution

President Cincinnati Eleden gave this speech on August 9, 2007 to the American public on primetime television.

"My fellow Americans,

There is a growing and important consensus among American scientists and amongst Americans that global Climate Change represents an enormous danger to our world. Once one concludes that our Earth is threatened, it must follow that our society, our families, our very way of life is affected by this growing, urgent threat.

The time for tempered, corporately financed debate has past. The time for action has come. As Winston Churchill said to describe another global threat emerging onto the world’s horizon, “we are entering a period of consequences”. The quiet attempts to discredit Climate Change as a true threat is, in effect, a trivialization of what may be the largest global disaster since the Plague of the Middle Ages. This is no time to trivialize the important issues, or we shall deal with the consequences.

It is only with a strong and vital voice, that we, the People, may bring a resolution to this problem. America has climbed over high barriers and faced difficult challenges in its past. It has been called upon to make the world safe for Democracy, capitalism and peace seeking peoples around the globe, but it is now called upon for possibly the most momentous of these efforts. No matter the religion, no matter the “-ism”, no matter the color, no matter the politics, America must do its part to make the world safe for its inhabitants.

This is why today I am calling upon the members of Congress to pass a bill mandating a 20% cut in CO2 emissions within 10 years. This is a strong step which America can take to show the world that it is serious about the issue of Climate Change, and to assume a Leadership role in the world on this issue. Further, as President, I will direct the Department of State to find ways to pressure other large volume carbon producers, like China, to lower their emissions. It is my hope that our children will see a resolution to this problem.

Thank you, and goodnight. "