Executive Speech 227: The Real Deal

President Cincinnati Eleden gave this speech on August 10, 2007 to the American public on primetime television.

"My fellow Americans,
I address you tonight to discuss issues of grave importance facing America today. Americans have grown disillusioned and angry with their government, for understandable reasons. Americans are less interested in the petty partisan wars than they are in government’s efforts to make their lives better. Tonight, in an effort to make up for past distractions, I wish to announce an aggressive host of policy initiatives which the Democratic Congress and I shall be working on.

Our first priority is to improve the quality of life for Americans, and ensure their liberty and equality.

A Living Wage will make even the least among us able to live with dignity. Congress must afford all Americans a fair chance by passing a Living Wage as soon as possible.

I further call upon Congress to repeal old laws restricting the liberty of Americans. The Taft-Hartley Act, parts of the USA PATRIOT Act and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) must be repealed. I strongly urge Congress to pass the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act or “SONDA” so that we will not need to look back at our mistakes in twenty years, as we have about our treatment of many other peoples.

We must also abolish the Death Penalty, because our government should never cave to its basest instincts, but should appeal to our compassion and our tolerant views even towards those whose lives have been corrupted. This is a moral issue, and one which must be decided by all Americans.

America must finally look seriously at its healthcare situation, and soberly assess what we must do to improve our healthcare system. We know what our goal is – and that is Universal Health Care. Congress must make Universal Health Care a major priority, and I will be ready to sign any such bill into law.

Because we are a diverse and inclusive nation, we must also bring the people of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico into our nation, and give them full citizenship rights. Their indentured servitude has gone on too long. These two areas are among the most troubled parts of America, and America does not turn its backs on its troubled citizens.

In order to ensure that America does not need to suffer under the leadership of corporate lobbies, I urge the Congress to pass aggressive campaign finance reform. When our Democracy is healthy, so will our people be. This step is elemental in making real reform.

Let these items serve as the beginning of true forward thinking, progressive leadership in this nation. Following the exertions of the other great progressive leaders, the American government has been timid and reactionary since the times of President Johnson. Let all Americans hear that this is a return to form of America’s liberal leadership. We are sincere in our love of this nation, and we are sincere in our efforts to make her shine brighter. The time has arrived to give America "The Real Deal" it deserves, a new era of progressive leadership.

Thank you, and good night."