Executive Speech 229: Urban Decay Commission

President Cincinnati Eleden gave this speech on August 12, 2007 to the American public on primetime television.

"Good evening, my fellow Americans,

Our urban areas throughout this nation are in a state of disrepair. Our schools are falling apart, our inner cities are conducive to the sort of crime we are seeing in them in increasing amounts, and our children are witnessing all of this. Studies have shown that cleaner and more orderly communities produce children less interested in crime and violence. Communities with broken windows, graffiti and urban decay tend to produce children with a more negative attitude and a greater predilection to crime.

In order to make our urban areas more livable, and to avoid exposing our children to these areas, I am directing the Department of Commerce to empanel a Blue Ribbon Commission on Urban Decay, and send a report and a set of recommendations to Congress and to my office in no less than one year.

Thank you and goodnight."