Executive Speech 236: Statement On The Miami Tragedy

President Cincinnati Eleden gave this speech on August 18, 2007 to the American public on primetime television.

"I am shocked and saddened at the level of the tragedy that has befallen the people of Miami. After consulting with the Governor of Florida, I have dispatched FEMA to lend assistance in alleviating suffering of the people there. They have begun setting up emergency trailers for those displaced and have started to reconnect families broken up during the storm. I have authorized $5 billion in emergency supplemental money to be used to begin rebuilding. I call upon Congress to assist in the rebuilding by quickly passing a reconstruction bill that will appropriate money and resources to rebuild this great city. I also urge Americans to help out in any way they can, by giving all they can to relief groups and by donating their blood to their local Red Cross. Together we shall overcome this tragedy, I shall keep the people of Miami in my thoughts and prayers and I ask you all to do the same. Thank you all and goodnight."