Executive Speech 251: Creating A Working Supreme Court

President Cincinnati Eleden gave this speech on October 21, 2007 to the American public on primetime television.

"Good Evening,

For the past year, this nation has been provided with only two functioning branches of Government. I am here to announce that I will provide the necessary nominations to create a working Supreme Court for the United States of America.

Justice will once again return to America, and I assure you that the individuals appointed to the court will be the most qualified in their fields. I have no doubt that each Justice will serve each and every American to the best of their abilities. I will not nominate individuals based on their political affiliation, but on their record on Constitutional Interpretation. I promise to provide you with the best and brightest Supreme Court Justices over the following days, and restore the checks and balances laid out in the Constitution.

America, the court is back in session. "