Executive Speech 259: Farewell Senate Seeker

President Cincinnati Eleden gave this speech on December 20, 2007 to the American public on primetime television.

"For over two years this game has provided endless hours of amusement and fun. Together as a community we have worked as one to create a political society that has absolutely amazed me. We had good times... and even better time, and I'll truly miss all of you.

I could easily express my disappointment in Sasha and his destruction of a potential spectacular game, however I'd like to display my overall satisfaction with the two years of political fun this game has given me. It allowed me to meet new individuals online, to enhance my political knowledge, and display how awesome and/or attractive I am.

I'd also like to thank Krispy, who donated many hours of his life to prolong the collapse of this game.

To Elvish, your leadership and friendship was truly amazing and I hope to see you again in another life or another game. Plus England totally rules.

Malashaan... may we dine on owl pellets forever, and feast on the pickles of our enemies.

Stryker, it was fun while it lasted old friend and here's hoping we can meet up at a strip club later this evening.

Mason, you finally realized I was the more attractive individual. Thank you for the fun times, the strategic meetings, and for always keeping me pissed off at you.

DZ you were a good enemy, an even better friend, and may you continue to help my sorry ass get into college.

To all those that have put up with my peculiar sense of humor, and those that have guided me throughout this tumultuous journey... Thank You.

I will truly miss Senate Seeker. From the golden ages of Beta, to the dimmer days of Post-Reset this game was more entertaining than I ever could've imagined.

Thank you everyone, and good luck in your future games and endeavors.