President of the United States:
DemocratCincinnati Eleden (OH)0 Senate terms/0 votesNo Record

Approval Rating: -162.74%
Unemployment Rate: 4.6%
Inflation Rate: 3.8%

Executive Orders:

Executive Speech 259: Farewell Senate Seeker
Executive Order 258: Nomination of Jefferson Smith
Executive Order 257: Nomination of Justice Matty
Executive Order 256: Nomination of NebulaMissouri to Secretary of Education
Executive Order 255: Rescinding Executive Order 250
Executive Order 254: Nomination of EliotK22 to the Position of Associate Justice
Executive Speech 253: Supreme Court
Executive Order 252: Nomination of Solus Ignis XXIII
Executive Speech 251: Creating A Working Supreme Court
Executive Order 250: Nomination of Joshua Mitchell Davis
Executive Order 249: Nomination of Izixs to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Executive Order 248: Nomination of Martin Dies to the position of Associate Justice
Executive Order 247: Nomination of Mike Bond 007
Executive Order 246: Nomination of Jeremiah Jay
Executive Order 245: Nomination of Paragon FL
Executive Speech 244: Introduction of mgca
Executive Order 243: Nomination of mgca has Secretary of Energy
Executive Speech 242: Progress Returns to Washington
Executive Order 241: Nomination of Patrick Johnson to the position of Secretary of Defense
Executive Speech 240: Presidential Address to Congress
Executive Order 239: Nomination of Requiem to the position of Vice President
Executive Order 238: 'Hang on Sloopy' as National Rock Song
Executive Speech 237: Creation Of A Living Wage
Executive Speech 236: Statement On The Miami Tragedy
Executive Order 235: Federal Emergency Declared In Miami
Executive Speech 234: Speech On Washington D.C. Tragedy
Executive Speech 233: Repeal Of Capital Punishment
Executive Order 232: Presidential Medal Of Freedom
Executive Order 231: Commutation Of Death Sentences
Executive Speech 230: Speech on North Korea Nuclear Proliferation
Executive Speech 229: Urban Decay Commission
Executive Speech 228: DC Statehood
Executive Speech 227: The Real Deal
Executive Speech 226: Climate Change Resolution
Executive Speech 225: Mission to Mars
Executive Speech 224: Regulation of the Television Industry
Executive Order 223: Withdrawal from Iraq