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Health Care: I believe that the current system is not working and needs to be reworked. I believe that though a single payer system is ideal, reform is possible within the employer based system. I believe that a single payer system would do the most to help alleviate the current health care crisis.

Social Security Reform: I believe that attempts to privatize social security are against the intent of the system to provide a reliable safety net to the American people. I support the raising of the payroll tax cap in order to make up the payroll tax deficit and I am opposed to any cut in benefits.

War in Iraq: I believe in a phased withdrawal of American forces from the country in order to combat emerging threats around the world. The current perception that America's forces are overstretched hurts America's ability to negotiate around the world. Therefore I think that America should begin a withdrawal from Iraq in order to be able to combat other threats around the world such as Iran.

Alternative Fuels: I believe that America's reliance on foreign oil is an enviromental and national security issue. I support the expansion of nuclear power and other renewable forms of energy, especially hydro power. I also support clean burning coal technology due to the massive amounts of coal found in the state of Montana.

Free Trade: I believe that free trade as it is now is not in the national interest, I believe that our trade agreements need to be reworked to protect our workers. Thus I support the reworking of NAFTA and the repeal of CAFTA until such a time that labor and environmental laws are respected by developing countries so their natural resources and labor are not exploited. And American jobs are not lost to cheap labor.


War in Iraq: I have ambitious plans to bring us victory in Iraq. Many of the problems facing Iraq are similar to those that faced our own United States upon its birth. A minority of citizens is worried about a formerly oppressed majority abusing their numbers. Iraq needs a system that grants the majority their deserved say but protects the minority. I want to move Iraq towards a government more like our own: a Federalist Republic with a two House Legislature, an Electoral College, and an executive branch elected by the provinces. I also support an Iraqi constitution that guarantees all Iraqis their basic rights, but allows the provinces a great degree of autonomy. This will satisfy tribes and cultural groups worried about outsiders forcing their ways of life upon others. The final step in my plan is to build a new Iraqi capital district within the ruins of Old Babylon. For this I will need a commitment of 2,500 additional soldiers, most of whom will be from the Army Corps of Engineers who will be commissioned to build the new capital city. We can win Iraq without tens of thousands of more troops being put in harms way. Victory can be achieved!

Balanced Budget: We may have a current budget surplus, but the national debt is still there. We have to cut spending a little more in order to pay off this deficit as soon as possible. If we don't pay it off, our children will have to. And nobody wants that.

Alternative Fuels: I support first obtaining energy independence. We need to rely more on our own energy and less on that of nations who harbor ill-will against us. Once we have obtaining a steady source of domestic energy, I support more funding towards extensive and pointed research into the possibilities of hydrogen energy and giving tax breaks to those who go out of their way to help care for our environment.

Education: I support drastic reform of our Department of Education. It is my goal to cut the fat off of a bloated and corrupt administrative system and moving it towards the people who really need it, the teachers and the students. It's time for this system to start working for the people who need it, not to pad the pockets of a bureaucracy.

Net Neutrality: If there is one thing that should never be owned by anyone, the government OR corporations, it's the internet. I support a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing net neutrality.