\ Senate Seeker: Rules

These are the rules for gameplay in the role playing environment of the game.



  1. You may have 8 accounts maximum. Only 2 in the Senate, 4 in the House, and 2 running for Governor.
  2. You may not have more than 1 account in the same race.


  1. You must be an incumbent Senator to submit bills.
  2. The leadership will change in real time when the votes for leader shift.
  3. The donated money shall belong to the party, not the leader and as such will be transferred when the leader switches.
  4. Elections are held on every Thursday at 9:00PM EST.
  5. When a bill is submitted, it goes to the Debate Bills page. Then, an admin will add it to the Upcoming Bills page. If a leader, or two 3rd party leaders support it, it will come to the floor as soon as possible.
  6. Four bills are voted on per day.
  7. Congress shall be able to legislate on anything constitutional and within the game realm, but the game mechanics will not always accommodate this.


  1. To be nominated for president you must have at least 4 terms.
  2. Presidential races are held every three months.
  3. The President cannot nominate himself, the Vice President, or any of their alternative accounts to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court

  1. The Supreme Court shall have jurisdiction over laws passed in real life and in the game, and actions taken by the Congress. Their jurisdiction does not exceed that.
  2. Administrators shall have final say in what cases the Supreme Court can hear.
  3. Justices on the Supreme Court must recuse themselves when the case before them is brought by one of their alternative accounts.
  4. The president nominates Justices, and the Senate confirms them.
  5. The vote on nominees is 4-8 days after the nomination is announced to allow for questioning.
  6. Justices last a minimum of 24 weeks. After that, they can be replaced by the President. The President must replace the oldest justices first.