D. Hobson (R)
User ID:18126
StateNorth Dakota
Running forSenate 1
Turns200 turns
Running asRepublican
Number of candidates running4
Candidate has been Senator for15 terms
Candidate has been Senator for0 consecutive terms
Endorsed ByAmerican Civil Liberties Union (0/10)
Endorsed ByChristian Coalition (10/10)
Endorsed ByChamber of Commerce (10/10)
Endorsed ByAmerican Association of Retired Persons (0/10)
Endorsed ByNational Right to Life Committee (5/10)
Endorsed ByNational Organization for Women (1/10)
Endorsed ByAFL-CIO (2/10)
Endorsed ByNational Taxpayers Union (8/10)
Endorsed ByNational Rifle Association (1/10)
Endorsed ByNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People (0/10)
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