A bunch of kids from UNC just willingly volunteered for your campaign. Accept
Walter B. Magilicutty (R-MS)
User ID:21769
Running forSenate 1
Turns510 turns
Running asRepublican
ProfileVery Conservative
Number of candidates running4
Candidate has been Senator for14 terms
Candidate has been Senator for14 consecutive terms
Total Positive Ads10
Total Negative Ads10
Total Smear Ads1
Active Ads Running0
Missed Votes0
Ads attacking people:
Norman ThomasGay Marriage
Norman ThomasSocial Security
Norman ThomasAbortion
Norman ThomasIraq
Norman ThomasImmigration
Norman ThomasImmigration
Norman ThomasHealth Care
Norman ThomasGay Marriage
Norman ThomasGay Marriage
Norman ThomasTaxes
Ads smearing people:
Norman ThomasFlip Flopper
Endorsed ByAmerican Civil Liberties Union (0/10)
Endorsed ByChristian Coalition (5/10)
Endorsed ByChamber of Commerce (5/10)
Endorsed ByAmerican Association of Retired Persons (0/10)
Endorsed ByNational Right to Life Committee (5/10)
Endorsed ByNational Organization for Women (0/10)
Endorsed ByAFL-CIO (0/10)
Endorsed ByNational Taxpayers Union (5/10)
Endorsed ByNational Rifle Association (0/10)
Endorsed ByNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People (0/10)
Visited SchoolAlcorn State University
Visited SchoolWilliam Carey College
Visited SchoolUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Visited SchoolUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
Visited SchoolMississippi University for Women
Visited SchoolMississippi State University
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