Richard Butkus (D)
User ID:22610
Running forHouse of Representatives
Turns9 turns
Running asDemocrat
ProfileVery Liberal
Number of candidates running4
Candidate has been Representative for5 terms
Candidate has been Representative for5 consecutive terms
Total Positive Ads131
Total Negative Ads2
Total Smear Ads5
Active Ads Running0
Missed Votes0
Ads attacking people:
cubsfan67Health Care
cubsfan67Social Security
Ads smearing people:
Eric HardcastleExtremist
jcards5Flip Flopper
Sean Hannity 4 ILLFlip Flopper
Sean Hannity 4 ILLSex Life
Sean Hannity 4 ILLExtremist
Visited SchoolAdler School of Professional Psychology
Visited SchoolAmerican College of Education
Visited SchoolArgosy University
Visited SchoolAurora University
Visited SchoolBenedictine University
Visited SchoolBlackburn College
Visited SchoolBradley University
Visited SchoolChicago State University
Visited SchoolCollege of DuPage
Visited SchoolColumbia College
Visited SchoolConcordia University-River Forest
Visited SchoolDePaul University
Visited SchoolDeVry University
Visited SchoolDeVry University-Chicago
Visited SchoolDeVry University-DuPage
Visited SchoolDominican University
Visited SchoolEast-West University
Visited SchoolGreenville College
Visited SchoolJudson College
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