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Bill Name: SCOTUS Resizing Act of 2008
Bill Description: Whereas, Article III of the United States Constitution outlines the duties and powers of the Supreme Court.
Whereas, such article does not define the size of said Court.
Whereas, the precedent of bills such as the Judiciary Act of 1789, Judicial Circuits Act, and the Circuit Judges Act of 1869, clearly indicates the Congress has the power to set the size of the Court.
Whereas, there is no active Supreme Court at the moment because current law sets the size of the Supreme Court at 9 justices.

Upon the enactment of this bill, the Supreme Court of the United States will be composed of one Chief Justice and six associate Justices, who will carry out their duties as set out by Article III of the United States Constitution.

Respectfully submitted,
Rep. Aidan Oriana, (G-OH)
Rep. Cillian Oriana (G-WI)
Rep. Ralph Oriana (G-NY)
Rep. Epona Oriana (G-MI)
Bill Author: Aidan Oriana (G-OH)
Bill Category: Neutral
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